Liberal Vannin - Carbon Neutral


Media Release – April 19 th , 2021

Liberal Vannin - Carbon Neutral

Liberal Vannin welcomes the announcement by ParagonEX that they are planning to move

to using carbon neutral servers in future for their business requirements:


The Liberal Vannin website is hosted by Netcetera through their datacentre at Dataport,

Ballasalla, which has been a carbon neutral operation for over 6 years:

 Looking for a 100% carbon neutral Web Hosting Provider? - Think Forward Group Limited


 As a political party affiliated to the Island’s Climate Change Coalition, we campaign to

strengthen our government’s response to the climate change emergency that they declared

over two years ago. We believe in doing everything we can as a party to reduce our own

carbon footprint.

For further information, please contact:

Lawrie Hooper, MHK, Ramsey, Leader, Liberal Vannin  473478

Paul Weatherall, Chair, Liberal Vannin  479436