Area Plan for the North & West - Public Meeting 19th May


Area Plan for the North & West 

Housing Jobs Climate Change 

Liberal Vannin are holding a public meeting on Wednesday, May 19th at 7.00pm in Sulby Community  Hall to consider the current consultation on the proposed Area Plan for the North and West. The  meeting will focus on issues relating to the Ayre & Michael Constituency which straddles the North  and West sections of the Area Plan. 

Where do we need more housing? 

Local Employment 

Planning for climate Change 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss any concerns you might have and encourage you to respond  to the consultation. Paul Weatherall, Chair of Liberal Vannin and your local party representative for  the Ayre & Michael constituency has drawn together some initial observations (detailed overleaf). 

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Area Plan for the North & West

Details of the government consultation can be found at: publi/ 

The closing date for comments is June 25th, 2021. 

The following comments have been compiled by Liberal Vannin chair,  Paul Weatherall. Paul is also your local Liberal Vannin representative for the Ayre & Michael constituency and lives in Ballaugh.   

With  regards to the Ayre & Michael Constituency, Liberal Vannin believes  that the proposed Area Plan needs to: 

Facilitate the delivery of a range of housing, with improved design standards (including  improved insulation and non-reliance on fossil fuels for heating), to meet the area’s  needs. The need for additional housing will be reviewed following the release of data  from this year’s census. 

Support existing established employment areas and provide sites for a mix of  additional employment. 

Recognise and build upon the tourism opportunities the constituency offers in respect  of its coastal scenery, farmed countryside, moorland, offshore marine life,  archaeological heritage and iconic sections of the TT course. 

Consider the three identified sites in the constituency for onshore wind turbines at  Ballacooiley, Cronk and Jurby. 

Support the development of one or more solar farms on brownfield sites in Andreas  and / or Jurby, or on unproductive agricultural land that is unsuitable for housing. Provide greater incentives for farmers and landowners to protect woodland and  

hedgerows and extend them where appropriate on the least productive land, whilst  conserving moorland peat reserves. 

Note the local nature reserves and identify other sites that should be designated to  provide protection for wildlife and biodiversity. 

Extend the improvements to the former Northern Railway line as an active travel  corridor from Kirk Michael to the Curraghs Wildlife Park – including works to widen  and strengthen the footbridge over the river at Ballaugh. 

Improve signage and maintenance of the Raad-ny-Foillan / Way of the Gull coastal  footpath and Millennium Way trail. 

Review the Kirk Michael Conservation area, taking note of the recent listing of the  Mitre public house, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, on the Island. 

Liberal Vannin will be making the above points when we respond to the consultation and will  also address any additional concerns resulting from the public meeting in Sulby. We  encourage you to submit your own responses before the deadline on June 25th. The Island’s  planning process is over complex and cumbersome in our view, but it provides an opportunity  for us all to make our voices heard. We should use it.

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