BREAKING - LibVan Chair To Contest Ayre & Michael


Liberal Vannin Chair, Paul Weatherall announces his intention to stand as an MHK for Ayre & Michael

By paulweatherall

Why I’m asking for your vote

I believe that I can make a difference to the way our Island is governed and above all, help all of us who are fortunate enough to live in Ayre & Michael, keep this part of the Island a green and pleasant land.

I have lived on the Island since 1997 and here, in Ballaugh, since 2011. Following the last year, we all know that we can take nothing for granted in the way we live our lives. Our future will be shaped by how we respond to climate change and the next few years will see our government preparing for that, whilst helping us all recover from the economic consequences of covid.

I am proud to be part of the Liberal Vannin list of candidates. Together, we have agreed a common platform covering Jobs, Fairness, Open Government and Freedom and we are developing our Liberal Vannin manifesto commitments for release later this summer.

Jobs:    I will work to ensure that businesses can thrive and develop. Small businesses are the economic lifeblood of our Island community and essential for future wage growth. I will support measures to help the domestic economy recover after the disruption of the lockdowns, and strongly support the triumphant return of the TT in 2022. Our farming and fisheries communities are still coming to terms with the ramifications of Brexit and changes to consumer demand for food and drink products. I will support a programme for government that takes these concerns into account and that also addresses the skills shortage that many businesses face. I will support the development of a “green economy / new deal” to ensure that local jobs are created, as we bring forward measures to mitigate climate change.

Fairness:    I will always seek to ensure that taxes and charges for service delivery do not impact severely on those of us on low incomes. Particularly regarding the costs of heating our homes, running a vehicle, and the costs of care – from childhood to old age.

Open Government:    I believe that many criticisms of government would be reduced by being more open with the Island’s residents. Explaining more clearly why the decisions that affect our lives are taken and the reasoning behind them. Acknowledging when mistakes are made and taking steps to put them right, without fuss or indignation. Ensuring that the awarding of government contracts is open to public scrutiny and not hiding behind commercial confidentiality. The money that government spends is our money and we need to be able to see that it is being spent in our best interests and fairly.

Freedom:    I will support legislation that gives us more freedom over our lives. Freedom of choice in working from home, where this is an option. Improving our rights to freedom of information. Freedom to use cannabis without the threat of prosecution and prison.  Freedom from cruelty and mistreatment for our companion animals and to extend protection, where appropriate, for our wildlife. Above all, I will campaign to ensure all Manx residents have the freedom and opportunities to flourish.

Together, we can make a difference:   This September, I am asking for your support and vote to achieve these aims. I will be delivering a more detailed manifesto in the run-up to the election. Remember to check that you are registered to vote. If you have any questions, please contact me by email – or on my mobile – 479436