IOM Green Party Launches Election Campaign For Change

The Isle of Man Green Party has launched its campaign for a sustainable transformation of the Isle of Man with the announcement of six candidates to seek popular election in the 2021 local and general elections.

In the local elections to be held on Thursday 22 July 2021, the following four Green Party candidates are seeking election: -

  • Andrew Bentley, seeking election to Douglas Borough Council in the Douglas East constituency.

  • Andrew Jessopp, seeking election to Braddan Commissioners.

  • Falk Horning, seeking election to Douglas Borough Council in the Douglas North constituency.

  • Phil Matthews, seeking election to Patrick Commissioners. 

In the general election to be held on Thursday 23 September 2021, the following Green Party candidates are seeking election: -

  • Andrew Langan-Newton, seeking election to the House of Keys in the Rushen constituency. 

  • Leo Cussons, seeking election to the House of Keys in the Glenfaba & Peel constituency. 

Candidate Profiles

Andrew Bentley, Local Election candidate, Douglas East, Douglas Borough Council.

Andrew Bentley is the Chair of the Green Party and is a current Douglas Councillor for Derby Ward since 2018.  

Of his election campaign, Andrew said: -

“My campaign is very simple: recycle, regenerate, and recreate.” 

Andrew Langan-Newton, general election candidate, Rushen.

Andrew Langan-Newton has been the Leader of the Isle of Man Green Party since its inception in 2016. A practising Manx Advocate, Andrew represented the Isle of Man at the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Australia where he was elected Prime Minister of the Parliament.  Andrew attended Castle Rushen High School before leaving the Island to attend University and then Law School in England.  Andrew now lives in Port St Mary with his wife and their children. 

Of his election campaign, Andrew said: -

“I am grateful to be able to offer the electorate in Rushen the opportunity to place a vote on 23 September for a sustainable transformation of our society.  Since the Green Party was formed five years ago, it is now clear more than ever what an opportunity we have in 2021 to show leadership on a positive future in the Isle of Man of clean energy and transport, opportunity for all, and good governance.”  

Andrew Jessopp, local election candidate, Braddan Commissioners. 

Andrew Jessopp has been a local politician for 17 years as a Braddan Commissioner, over 6 years as the Chair of the Commissioners.  Andrew is also Chair of Zero Waste Mann, a charity seeking solutions to our waste problems in the Isle of Man and is a founding member of the Isle of Man Green Party. He is currently preparing an application for a new ‘green’ charitable trust that will be, among other things, the administrator of the Green Centre in Douglas.

Of his election campaign, Andrew said: -

“After waiting almost 20 years I am pleased that the building of the new community centre, planned for the Strang Cornerfield, has finally commenced. It has been a long and tortuous process to get to this point in the project, but I anticipate a difficult couple of years in seeing the project to completion. I very much hope the electorate of Braddan will give me the opportunity to see the project through to the end.” 

Falk Horning, Local Election candidate, Douglas North, Douglas Borough Council.

Falk Horning is the Secretary of the Green Party and is a current Douglas Borough Councillor in Murrays Ward.  Falk is the Chair of the Woodland Trust, Chair of Volleyball Isle of Man,  a member of the Isle of Man Friends of the Earth, and Treasurer of Zero Waste Mann.

Of his election campaign, Falk said: 

“One of my central aims will be to increase the town’s recycling rate to safeguard our natural world and stop throwing money in the incinerator. We also want a vibrant Douglas town centre so an eye needs to be kept on planning, encouraging active travel and public transport. 

The council provides a wide spectrum of public services and whenever decisions are to be made, costs should be carefully scrutinised.” 

Leo Cussons, General Election candidate, Glenfaba & Peel.

Leo Cussons is Election Strategist on the Green Party Committee. Born in Glen Maye in 1971 and raised on the island. He worked on the farms in Glen Maye in his youth, studied business at the Isle of Man College and Law at Lancaster University.  He has set up several businesses over the years, including an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning business, Website design and is currently the proprietor of Ken Quine’s hardware shop in Port Erin. He lived for ten years in the Netherlands working as an ERP computer consultant before returning  to the island in 2004. 

Of his election campaign, Leo said: -

“I believe that we have got to look for a new way in Isle of Man politics. Green politics is not about left or right but about a fair, just and sustainable future for all of us. Voting Green is common sense politics which in turn will create unity, harmony and success in our Community.  For far too long politicians have looked at the short term for their own careers. As part of the representation process, I have been canvassing since last September to understand why none of the major issues related to Glenfaba and Peel have been resolved." 

Phil Matthews, Local Election candidate, Patrick Commissioners.

Phil Matthews has lived in the Parish of Patrick for 31 years. He is active in the Parish as Chair of Governors at Foxdale School and a Trustee of Foxdale Heritage Centre. A retired schoolteacher, Phil now works with several Island-based charities and environmental organisations. He is also the co-founder and a Director of the One World Centre in St.Johns, Chair of Amnesty International IOM Group, Membership Secretary for IOM Friends of the Earth and a member of the Fairtrade Island Steering Group and the Climate Change Coalition Steering Group. 

Of his election campaign, Phil said:

“If elected, I would be honoured to represent the people of Patrick. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with villages that have maintained a strong sense of identity and community spirit. However, in recent years there has been a decline in the provision of essential services and I would endeavour to encourage and support opportunities for increased local employment, improved social provision and public transport links, and the continued growth of ecotourism and rural leisure attractions - ensuring that any new developments contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable environment for everyone. I also wish to develop more effective links with our MHKs and government departments on issues that are outside the responsibility of the Commissioners.” 

The Isle of Man Green Party is a registered political party running political candidates to lead sustainable change for the Isle of Man.  Further information can be found on the Party’s website and via email at