Joney Faragher On The St Marks Elm Avenue


MLP Leader Joney Faragher

I've been involved with many issues over the years but have never seen such passion and commitment as with this one.
I was one of the organisers of a protest at St Marks with very short notice on Sunday - hundreds turned up. Then today, the same group of people organised another protest outside the Legislative Buildings, again with less than a day's notice - it was well-attended despite being a work day for most people.
The public gallery was packed for the emergency question on this and people weren't able to contain their despair at some of the comments, nor their approval of others - a spontaneous round of applause was given at one point (to the Speaker's annoyance!).
I feel its not 'just' this issue, but what it represents. Do we want to be worthy of our biosphere status? Do we want to meet our climate goals? Above all, do we want to be proud of what we pass on to our children and grandchildren?
The final thing to mention on this: government accountability. I think I speak for many people when I say that I want all government workers and elected representatives to make decisions as if they had to explain them to a crowd of people outside Tynwald. To be able to say without qualms that they made a good decision based upon the right principles.
If they aren't able to do this they MUST account for this. People are sick of (to coin an MHK's phrase from today) teflon-jacketed politicians who pass the buck. IOM I am proud of you. 👏👊❤