Leo Cussons Declares As IOM Green Party Candidate For Glenfaba & Peel


Leo writes: It's official. My public statement to the press this morning. PM me if you would like to help my campaign small or otherwise. To those I have not spoken to yet. I look forward to speaking to you on the doorstep or at one of the meetings that is arranged at the end of the month. If you live in Foxdale there is a meeting this Wednesday the 16th of June at Foxdale school 7 pm. Thank you.
I believe that we have got to look for a new way in politics. Green politics is not about left or right but about fair, just and sustainable future for all of us. For far too long politicians have looked at the short term for their own careers. We have seen how bad decisions like the MEA have fundamentally destroyed years of opportunity of looking at alternatives to energy requirements for the island. We need an effective form of government and the Green party has to be part of that package, if we are to see a future and social mobility going back up for women and men.
We need our young people to stay as they are the lifeblood of our Island. That is why we need to consider putting into housing planning not just design, efficiency, location but also ownership as part of the planning process for a proper property owning democracy for everyone.
I believe in fairness and justice but we have to accept that if we don't earn it we can't spend it. Just being irresponsible by accruing more and more debt and liability which has had a major effect on transport, energy, infrastructure schools etc. The incompetence at best by the previous Tynwald administration has left us with major holes in basic services such as maternity pay to name just one.
The new engines will only come about when we have the legislators who create the environment for all to flourish. New engines include things that have been brought up in the past like encouraging international organisations to come to the Island. Perhaps we can look at some sort of kitemark internet dispute resolution system for our legal services. Other ideas include building a trading relationship with Ireland. Attracting hi-tech jobs and developing cottage industries. Creating innovation centres of excellence and environments of learning. No stone must be left unturned in working with established industries small or big to ensure that our economy is more diverse and self sufficient than before.
The ridiculous scenario over Peel sewage works has to be resolved once and for all without doing damage to the food park and other businesses there. The same goes for the Corrin home. It is important that we have employment opportunities in Peel instead of people having to trail in at 8:15 in the morning to get to work in Douglas. As one of your Mhk's, I see it as a priority to create an integrated transport solution which will save residents £3000 plus in their back pocket per year and reduce traffic.

Voting Green is common sense politics which in turn will create unity, harmony and success in our Community. You can follow my campaign updates below and contact me by telephone or email indicated above - Website: www.greenparty.im - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leocussons - Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeoCussons Yours faithfully

Leo Cussons https://bit.ly/3wnn8MS
The Representation of People Act 1995
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