Lamara Craine To Contest Ramsey North

 Green Party Deputy Leader contests Ramsey North

The members of the Isle of Man Green Party adopted by digital poll the Party Deputy Leader, Lamara Craine as candidate for the Party in the Ramsey North Ward local election taking place on Thursday 25 November 2021.

Lamara is a passionate member of the Ramsey community, being a founding member of the Ramsey Youthie Girls football team and the Ramsey Community Pinboard page on Facebook. Lamara holds an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Lancaster University and a Masters Degree in Biodiversity and Conservation from the University of Leeds.

About her declarations as a Green Party candidate in Ramsey North, Lamara expressed: -

“Truly excited at the opportunity to represent my hometown and work towards a brighter, greener future by implementing the progressive ideas I have in mind. Working together with local residents, businesses, and central government to bring about positive change for Ramsey.”

Lamara represents the eighth Green Party candidate in Isle of Man elections in 2021.  You can follow updates to Lamara’s campaign at her campaign page found at and on Facebook at If you would like to find out more about the Isle of Man Green Party candidates this year, the policies of the party and/or join as a member, visit

The Isle of Man Green Party is a registered political party running political candidates to lead sustainable change for the Isle of Man.  Further information can be found on the Party’s website and via email at