Liberal Vannin Media Release On Ramsey Bakery


Image by BBC

Liberal Vannin welcomes the fact that DEFA Minister, Clare Barber has now met with the directors of

Ramsey Bakery and calls for the utmost clarity in steps government will be taking to ensure that the

interests of employees and affected businesses are protected. Indeed, we hope that her discussions

will result in Ramsey Bakery continuing to trade in some form.

In the light of those discussions, we also urge government to review the Island's strategic position

regarding the future of Laxey Glen Mills Ltd. and the Island's farmers who supply it with  milling

wheat. Whilst it is our view that a healthy competitive market with minimal government intervention

is the preferred outcome we must also ensure that the Island has a sustainable, long term approach to

food security and government must not be afraid to intervene to protect the Island's strategic interests

where necessary.

Paul Weatherall, Chair, Liberal Vannin