Liberal Vannin Southern Branch Meeting - Wednesday 4th May

Liberal Vannin's Southern Branch Meetings:               

Come and join us on the first Wednesday of each month - 7.30pm at the Railway Station Hotel, Port St Mary

Next Meeting, Wednesday, May 4th.

Our Southern Branch meetings are for anyone from the House of Keys c
onstituencies of Rushen or Arbory, Castletown & Malew, who is interested in joining Liberal Vannin to:

*       To be the voice of the people in politics
*       Enable political change
*       Provide a forum for people to express views on policy

3 Topics for this month:~

Planning & Housing; Young People's Needs; Cost of

Living Crisis

 For further information, please contact: Peter Karran, Interim Chair, 
Southern Branch, Liberal Vannin - 07624 200552