Liberal Vannin Media Release: Southern Swimming Pool

At its meeting on Wednesday, June 15th, Liberal Vannin’s Southern Branch noted with concern the recent statement by our local MHKs and MLCs regarding the Southern Swimming Pool.

We also note the subsequent statement by the Southern Swimming Pool Board as reported by Gef the Mongoose:

Underfunded and Undervalued – Gef – Isle of Man

Liberal Vannin agree that the current problems that the Board face are much wider than the recent increases in costs, particularly fuel for heating. Previous Board members, the Department of Education Sports and Culture and previous government administrations have failed to address the investment required to maintain our local swimming pool and ensure its operation for the future.

At our meeting, Peter Karran commented:

“The problems that the current Southern Swimming Pool Board face are symptomatic of years of neglect by successive governments that have failed to adequately fund the services and facilities that matter to people, while squandering many millions of taxpayers money on badly managed vanity projects.”

The proposals for a new pool at King William’s College will not meet the needs of our families in the South of the Island who wish to encourage their young children to learn to swim in a safe and fun environment. The facilities at the existing pool must be maintained until a replacement community facility can be provided, ideally as part of the new Castle Rushen High School.

We call on the DESC to hold a public meeting to allow these matters to be fully aired and the views of local residents to be heard and then addressed. We realise that the issue of the Southern Pool cannot be resolved in isolation and Liberal Vannin believes that an Island-wide approach to the provision, management and funding of our swimming pools is required. It is essential that a sustainable solution is found to retain a community pool for the South of the Island.

Users of the Southern Swimming Pool are invited to add their views and comments on our Facebook page:

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For further information, please contact:

Peter Karran, Interim Chair, Liberal Vannin Southern Branch – 200552

Paul Weatherall, Chair, Liberal Vannin - 47943